Elk Gooisch Matras Komt Van Pas 

Elk Gooisch Matras Komt Van Pas is a “goods bank”. It is run solely by volunteers. We do so because we care. The world is unfortunately not fair. But together we can make her a bit more fair and by doing so we hope to alleviate the (material) distress of some in our community.


All goods in our shop have been donated by people who care too.

How wonderful it is that nobody need to wait a single moment

before starting to improve the world

(Anne Frank)



You can only shop after you’ve made an appointment (food bank clients and refugees with a status, who have just gotten their house or if you have been referred to us by a social worker). Shopping can be done only on Tuesdays and Thursdays between 9 am and 12 noon.

If you would like an appointment, please send an email (with a copy of you food bank pass, or your ID and rental agreement (with date), address, phone number and the number of people in your household) to gooischmatrasvanpas@gmail.com.

Please be on time. This is because we might need to drop off goods at your house. Please keep this in mind when planning other appointments on this day.

If you are unable to come at the allocated time/day, please let us know as soon as possible.


Rules for shopping:

Please only take stuff for your own household.  

We use a point system, which means there is a limit to what you can take, depending on the amount of people in your household. We will explain how the system works when you arrive. In order for this system to work, we need to register everything you take.

There is a maximum of three appointments.

None of the goods have warranty.

Anyone that has come to help you can wait in La Cantina and enjoy a nice cup of coffee.


On the day of your appointment the goods (as far as they don’t fit in your means of transport) will be delivered to your house. We do so for free, but only within our region*. Keep that in mind when making any other appointments for that day. We only drive to your house ONCE. Anything that does not fit in the delivery van will go back into the shop.


Donation of goods

Thank you so much for donating goods to us. Unfortunately some items are not as wanted as others. Camping equipment, white goods, DVD players, CD players (and DVD’s and CD’s), stereo’s, books, skates and toys are not primary necessities. And because we use a point system, people tend to choose a table, rather than a CD player.

So when you arrive at the Gym and we “cherry pick” from your items, please understand that that is not because we are not thankful (far from it). It is because we have limited space and we need to be vigilant about what we put in our shop.


Our shop is open to receive any goods you might want to donate on:

Tuesday 9 am – 2 pm

Thursday 9 am – 2 pm

Saturday 10 am – 12 noon

Our Address is: De Ruijterlaan 24a corner of Piet Heinlaan, Bussum (the entrance is across the street from 23 Piet Heinlaan). You can park your car at the school playground.


Collection of donated goods

If the goods you would like to donate do not fit in your car, we are more than willing to pick them up for free, but only within our region*.

Please send an email (with a photo of the item you would like to donate) with your name, address and phone number to gooischmatrasvanpas@gmail.com.


We have certain rules when it comes to the collection of goods. Sorry for this, but unfortunately necessary to protect our volunteers…


* All goods are on the ground floor

* We do not disassemble anything

* If the goods need to be collected from an apartment, we do need a lift. If there is no lift, we will not take anything large and/or heavy.

* We only take what we can use (sometimes we have sofas to spare, sometimes tables and chairs and other items might just not be in high demand. We have limited space and if it is not taken by customers we need to take it to the tip, which means we have to carry it around twice). This also applies if you might want a house to be emptied. We are not a thrift shop and we do not make any money.

* We are not responsible for any damage we might cause during the pick up. We are not professional removalists, we are all volunteers.


We find it important for you to know that we have a little shop and we organise a Bazar twice yearly during which we sell donated goods. All revenue from the shop and the Bazars is used to pay our gas and electricity bills, coffee and tea, etc. (our fuel so to speak ;-)). If and when you donate goods we take it you are okay with this. If not, please let us know. We do understand.


*Within the region: Gooise Meren, Hilversum, Laren, Blaricum, Huizen, Eemnes, Weesp, Wijdemeren.


Many thanks to all those wonderful people that support us in whatever shape or form. Without you there is no Elk Gooisch Matras Komt Van Pas.


Not everything that counts

can be counted


not everything that’s counted

truly counts.

(Albert Einstein)

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Bezoekadres: voormalige school op de De Ruijterlaan 24a/Piet Heinlaan 54, Bussum (kaart) of op de Amersfoortsestraatweg 117, Laren op het terrein van De Groene Afslag.



RSIN:  857708260. Bank: NL41TRIO0338661220. KvK: 69054932

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